Every buyer participates in our highly regarded “9 Point Counseling Session”

5 Simple Steps to Buying your New Home

  1. Get Pre-Qualified for a home loan, know what you are comfortable spending.  If you need the name and number of a smart loan officer, call the Classic Realty office and they can help you with that.
  2. Take Action! The results of your “9 Point Counseling Session” will have defined the elements you want in your new home. When you find that house MAKE AN OFFER! While you are “sleeping on it” another family could be making an offer and calling your house “home”.
  3. Possibility Goggles. Wear these when you are viewing houses. If you find a house with a great floor plan and location but with a dated interior, put on your “Possibility Goggles.”  Visualize how your new home could look if you were to change the light fixtures, repaint, and update the plumbing fixtures.  Remember, your Classic Realty agent can negotiate the price around these items.
  4. What is it WORTH? Most houses are listed with a reasonable price, some aren’t. Know the value of what you are buying. Your Classic Realtor will run “Comps” which compare recent sales of houses similar to the one you are interested in to verify you are getting a good deal.
  5. Resale. Yes you are just looking to move in, one day you will want to sell. Make sure any changes you are considering improve the value of your home. Many times function can lower your value or add time to how long it takes to sell the house. E.g. Close in a garage.  Talk to your Classic Agent about changes you are considering.