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When is the best time to sell? What is meant by “stage my house”? How do I know when people were in my house? What if my current house sells before my new house is completed? Do I need to replace the carpet before it goes on the market? My kids nap in the afternoon, can we set specific times to show the house?

How many more questions do you have?

That was BEFORE you have listed your house for sale. What about AFTER you get an offer on your house? What about all of the agreements, surveys, disclosures, contracts?

There is ONE place to get all these answers and results!

There is ONE place to get an answer to all of these very important questions. Ask your Classic Realty agent or Tony G!, call (512) 779-6744 today and get your FREE House Value Evaluation. With A team of over 20 agents that communicate regularly - we know what it takes to get listings sold.